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The Avada Theme Tutorial

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The Avada Them Tutorial transcript

Hi there, my name Ferdy Korpershoek for ferdykorpershoek.com
And in this video, I will show you step by step how you can create a beautiful, professional wordpress website with the Avada theme.
You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars anymore to web developers. I will show you how you can do it yourself, and that is not all. I will show you how to have your website online within 20 minutes.
And how to have a complete website online within 24 hours.
I have my business here in Maassluis. This is Maassluis. I make video websites and photo and I am going to make a website about that and show you step-by-step how you can do the same for your business.
This will be the website I will make. I will show you step by step how you can do that. This is a picture of the city where I live so people recognize its my city.
My company name. What I do: Photography, Videography and web design.
If you want more information, click here, and you scroll down to the services. If you click here you go to the photography page. I come back for now and show people what I can do with the pictures or with video’s. Here I’ve put some information about how I like to work.
Here’s information about my company. Like us on Facebook. Recent works. Recent Posts. My copyright. Here are some social media icons.
You can scroll up over here. I scroll down and go to photography. I’ll teach you how to create a page like this. You can click on the picture, go to different pictures.
You deserve it to be seen. Priceable. Information about my services. I am going to show you how you can make a portfolio page. You can filter them, so you can choose only photography, ore videography.
I will show you how you can make a blog and blogposts. How to adjust them and edit them. Read more. And see pictures in the posts. And add recent posts widgets and catagorie widgets.
We are going to make a contact page. And there are so many thing you can do with the Avada theme. I will show you same pages that are made with the Avada theme. Here is one. If you have a new product this is a way you can start. You can import this demo and work from that point on and make your own website.
Or a modern webshop like this one. Really beautiful really clean. Professional.
The gym. This is one of my favourites. All with one theme. You can do almost everything with this one theme. A café with a menu at the left. Scroll down. Go back up. You can even add a video over here. It looks really beautiful and professional.
A hotel website if you want to. The sky is the limit. And another option: Lifestyle. Really nice. And if we take a look at the backend you see how easy it is to edit stuff. I can click here and edit my text or paste a different background image.
Everything is really easy in the Avada theme, so lets get started!
I think it is fair to give you and overview of what we are going to do in this tutorial. What we are not going to do is spend thousands of dollars to a web developer to make a website for you, but there are some small costs involved in making a website like this.
First we need a domain name. What is a domain name? A domain name is a web address, something like facebook.com or microsoft.com or apple.com. Its an address that if people it in they come to your website. A domain name costs around $ 12.- a year.
The second thing we need is web hosting. What is web hosting? Basically it is a really fast and secured computer that holds all the data of your website. The text, the content, the images.
Web hosting costs around $ 10.- a month.
The third thing we need, we need to install WordPress. WordPress is free. It is a great tool to build beautfull websites. There are really big company’s in the world that make their website with WordPress.
The fourth thing we need. We need the Avada theme. I just gave you an overview about what the theme is capable of. It costs around $ 59.- for once, but its no $ 2.000.- that you pay for a webdevellopper.
So compared to that its really worth the price.
The fifth thing you need is to create your website and this costs nothing because I will show you how to do this.
If we sum everything up it costs around $ 81.- but I can give you same discount, so everything you need to spend in this course is $ 72.-. If you do that, than you will have a website of a value of thousands of dollars. So lets dive right in to it!
So the first 2 things we will do. We need tot go to webhosting36.com. And here we can get our hosting. Hostgator is a really nice hosting provider.
You see you have 24/7 live chat support. I’ve been with hostgator now for quite a few years and I never had a major problem. When I had questions they were really quick to reply.
In order tot get web hosting click here on web hosting. And then we can choose a plan. We scroll down and there are three plans. The hatching plan, the baby plan and the business plan. The business plan you can forget. You don’t need that.
You can choose between the hatchling plan and the baby plan. What is the difference With the hatchling plan you can have one single domain and with the baby plan you can have unlimited domains. So if you only want to make one website you can choose the hatchling plan and if you want to make multiple websites you can choose the bahbyplan.
You always can do an upgrade so I start with the hatchling plan. So I click here ‘Sign Up Now’. You don’t need to select this one. Just sign up. And now we need a domain name.
If I choose ‘facebook’ and press enter it says ‘it’s not available’ but if I say ‘ferdykorp’ and press enter I see it’s available. So I select this one.
I also can add .club, .co but I only choose the .com version. I highly suggest you always use the .com version and in some cases .net or .org, but the best way is to go with the .com version.
I scroll down, I uncheck this.
And here we can say: Hatchling plan. The billing cycle can be 36 month’s and than you will get 30% off. I’ll choose one month. I can cancel every month. My username will be ferdykorp.
My 4 digits will be 1111.
And here I have to fill in some information. I do this later. I scroll down. And if I scroll down I see it is $ 62.66.
So we are going to change it for now. Uncheck this one.
I never check this and I never had any problem with my website.
Now it is $ 21.71 so 13 dollars for the domain for a year and $ 8.67 for the first month of hatching hosting.
Well, I want to use a coupon code over here so I select ‘WordpressKing’.
Validate it.
Now it is only $ 12.96. That is not expensive for a domain name and one month of hosting.
You see, the hosting itself is only 1 cent for now. I scroll up.
And fill in my information.
Here I can choose Credit Card or Paypal. I choose credit card for now.
So. That’s okay.
I scroll down.
It’s total of $ 12.96.
I have read and agree tot the Terms Of Service
Check out now.
It says: Payment completed. Thank you for your payment.
I have to go to my email.
I log in.
And here we see Hostgator.com: Your Account Information. I click on that.
And here is some important information. We have to go to our control panel. So I open this in a new tab.
So we have to use our username, which is here.
Copy it and paste it.
And my password, which is generated.
Copy it.
And paste it.
And login.
Here is our Control Panel. I don’t need this.
What I have to do: I have to install WordPress, so ‘Get Started With WordPress Today’. I click here.
And I can install WordPress over here.
I click here.
What I can do here: I can select ferdykorp.com and If I want to install it on a certain path like ferdykorp.com/new/ I can type ‘new’ over here.
And then the website will be shown at ferdykorp.com/new/
I want the website to be shown a ferdykorp.com so I keep this empty.
My email: info@newwebsite.ferdykorpershoek.com
The Blog Title will be: Ferdy Korpershoek Productions
And this will be my username. First Name and Last Name.
And I want to install WordPress.
I don’t need this.
Your install is complete.
Click here to view your notifications.
And if I go here in a new tab it says: The server is not found.
This is because it can take up to 20 minutes before the domain gets active.
I tell you how long it took for me this time.
I show you through this video how you can make a beautiful website with the Avada Theme. So you have to purchase the theme.
In order to do that, go to ferdykorpershoek.com.



1 thoughts on “The Avada Theme Tutorial”

  • Thanks, your tutorial is very helpful and clear. We had chosen the Architecture theme, so it was even better and easier to follow. At this stage I am more than frustrated and actually want to return the Avada Theme.

    This is because I am stuck! Through various issues beyond my control we have not set up our website. The 6-month ‘free’ support by Avada is up and I haven’t even used it yet!
    After the update in August – by mistake we updated fusion builder before fusion core.
    I checked online how to undo that mistake but our ftp site does not give an opportunity to change/rename anything. I can just see the index.

    Can you help, or do you know who can help? Our site host also can’t help.


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