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Making Money Through Youtube

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Making money through Youtube videos, how can you do that?
Youtube is after Google the best search engine in the world. It is also the second best viewed website on the internet. Almost everyone in the world has seen a Youtube video. And the great thing is that you can make serious money through Youtube. If you upload video’s to youtube you can monetise them. When you do that Google (the owner of Youtube) shares the revenue with you. That is a great motivation for a lot of Youtube users.
There are people that make millions of dollars per year by uploading video’s to youtube. The amount depends on the amount of view on your video. Don’t expect to become rich with a video that has 10 views per day. It depends on the niche but 1000 views can be good for between 1 and 10 dollars. So if you have a few thousand views per day it can become fun!

Google Adsense

Monetising your video’s on Youtube is quite simple. Create a channel. Upload a few video’s that people are willing to watch and Google will invite you to the partnership program. It shows you how to monetise your video’s using Google Adsense.
When you monetize your video’s Google will start showing advertisements before your video, in your video or show a banner as overlay in your video. When someone clicks on that advertisement or looks at the advertisement for longer than 30 seconds, you get a few cents. It can be 3 cents, or $ 1.-. It depends what the advertiser is willing to pay. Also here it is dependent upon the subject of your video.

Have fun

In my opinion it is important to create video’s that give you pleasure! Don’t think about how to make much money. Think about what you would like to do when you even wouldn’t get paid. When you consistently upload high quality video’s that are amusing or valuable in any way you will get paid more overtime. Your online revenue will start growing!

WooCommerce Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMT7WDZ3J5EIn January 2016 my wife was working on location the whole weekend. I decided to make a complete tutorial about the free tools WooCommerce. A WordPress plugin that helps you to create an online store. In that weekend I probably spend 40 hours on the project before it was uploaded to Youtube.
After a few months I went to 500 views per day. It stayed for that a long time. I can not be specific about revenue’s but I am still making money with this video every day! And it also gives me more subscribers. So when I upload a new video, more people will see it so it will also be found better in Youtube. And that is great about continuing to upload video’s to your channel. The growth of your channel (and your revenue) can grow exponential!

Upload of the same video on 2 different channels

In the summer of 2016 I started a new Youtube channel. I uploaded a video where I show people how to create a Facebook business page and get their first 100 likes. A month after uploading it I had around 200 views. I uploaded the same video to my Youtube channel that had in that time 8.000 subscribers.
At this moment my Facebook video on my small channel with 30 subscribers has 1000 views. The same video that I uploaded later on my 8000 channel has 50.000 views! Why? Because I had a bigger audience already! Let it be an encouragement for you! Never stop uploading video’s to your channel!
The beginning can be rough! You can have a 1000 views after 3 months. But after six months it could be 10.000 views. Six months later it could be 1.000.000 views! Keep on doing what you love to do, focus on good quality video’s and you will start earning money through Youtube!



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