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How To Write A Blogpost

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Hey people, my name is Ferdy, and I have the privilege of being a content creator for a living. I create content, place it on the internet, and people find my content, read or watch my content and through various ways, I make quite a nice amount of money. And in this tutorial, I show you exactly how I write block posts and how you can start doing it too! 

I thought that instead of creating a 14-minute video where I brag about how much money I make and show you one blog post I made, I actually show you every single step I make in order to write a converting blogpost.

And let me start by telling you this: Making money through writing content is really hard work! It is not something that will make you a lot of money overnight, although with advertising you can speed up that process. But it is working really hard! But when you persevere, it can make you a lot more money than you make right now!

And talking about hard work. I put a lot of effort into making this video, so if you appreciate that, please like this video. If you want to go to a certain part in the tutorial, you can go to the timestamps in the description and go directly to a certain part in the tutorial. And if you just want to learn how to create a blog post in WordPress, you can skip to this point in the video. And if you want to learn more about making websites, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing, subscribe to this YouTube channel! The best is yet to come! And I know, because I know the plans I have with his Youtube channel! 😀

So without further ado, let’s get started with the question of why you should start writing blog posts.

Why Start Writing Blog Posts

01. It feels good.

02. You can help other people on autopilot.

03. You get organic traffic.

04. You learn new things.

05. You can make money through affiliate links, advertisements, and courses.

Blogging Examples

01. Dogs. Disabled dog. What to do when there are fireworks. The best toys for dogs.

02. Your marriage. Highs. Lows. Great books you have read. Best counselors. 10 things to do to surprise your wife.

03. Build stuff. How we separated the loft into 2 bedrooms for the kids. I build my own garden table. 

04. Crypto. How to get started with crypto.

05. Virtual Reality. The best VR headsets.

06. Make Money Online. How to start blogging. How to create a course.

How To Find Your Subject

01. Best if you have a passion for the subject.

02. Best if you know a lot about the subject.

03. What is relevant? Watch news websites.

04. Browse the internet.

05. Market Research.



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