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Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes

How To Make A WordPress Website Using AI

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Learn how to create a WordPress website using AI by telling what kind of website you want to create, and BAM! A beautiful website will roll out and the majority of the work is already done.

Then I will show you how to adjust your website. Add images from a free stock photo library, decide the layout for your website, adjust the fonts and colors, and add a logo (which I will show you how to make). Then, we will change the content on our website.

Change titles, text, and images, and add other areas. In WordPress, you can add plugins that add more functionalities to your website. We will cover that in this WordPress tutorial as well. We will enhance our website description using AI and give some extra information about our website. Then, we can choose to use royalty free images from a big stock photo library, and we can also decide to upload our own images. Based on all the information we can choose the layout for our website, see an example right away and then we can adjust the look and feel.

Do you want to have a light website? Or a dark look? Which colors do you want to use? And if we want, we can build in some extra features like a sales funnel or live chat function. When we click on Start Building, within 60 seconds, our website will be made. I am blown away by the content that the AI generates based on the information I provided.

Out of the box, you have a complete website that is up and running. Then, we will finetune the website. Adjust the colors a bit more. Change some text and images. And it is just a matter of point and click. Click on the image. Replace the image with another image, and voila. There you go. All are using this amazing free tool.


00:00 Intro
02:58 Choose Your Web Hosting Plan
07:18 Choose A Free Domain Name
12:13 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
16:45 Install The Starter Templates Plugin
17:25 Use The Ai Website Builder
21:43Choose Images For Your Website
26:39 Edit Your Website
28:11 Enhance Your Website With AI
31:44 Adjust The Layout Of Your Website
41:11 Use A Form Or Other WordPress Plugin
44:32 Follow-Up Tutorials

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