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How To Install WordPress For Free On Your Mac Or PC


Install WordPress on your computer or mac

In this tutorial I will show you how to install WordPress for free on your own computer.

The first thing you need to do is go to THIS PAGE in order to download a program that will enable you to create a website on your own computer.

You will arrive at this page (image below). Click on the red ‘Free Download’ button on the page of ServerPress.

How To Install WordPress On Your Computer

You will be prompted to leave your email address (see image below) but that is not necessary. You can click on the link below the popup that says: “No thanks, I just want to download DesktopServer Limited”

Desktop Server Popup

Now Serverpress will be downloaded. Depending on the operating system you use. So if you are on a Mac you will download a .DMG file and if you are on a PC you will download a .EXE File. It is a download of 300 MB so it can take a while before it is downloaded.

Unpacking ServerPress

When you downloaded ServerPress and you double click on the installation file it will be unpacked. After unpacking it will show you the following screens. I suggest you click on accept and next until Server Press is installed.

Now ServerPress (aka DesktopServer) wants you to select which privileges it will have. With what we want to do all the settings are ok. Just click on ‘next’.

Desktop Server Priveliges

When you click on next DesktopServer is ready to start the webserver and database. Click on next to active them.

We can create our first website on our local computer. Remember. Nobody except you can watch this website. It is only visible on your computer when Desktop server is activated. Click on next to choose a local domain name.

I choose mylovaldomain and when you click on next you can install WordPress.

Click on the blue link and you will see a page where you can select a language. That means that you are live on your computer and you need to configure your website.

I choose english and then I click on ‘continue’. Then I can create a name for my website, a username that I need to login with and a password. And then you need to feel in your email address.

When you click on the ‘Install WordPress’ button you will have a live website on your computer! Now you can create an amazing website!

Feel free to watch one of my tutorials where I will show you how to create a beautiful website!



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  • I already have a website designed by a college student years ago. It is so out-dated and full of new plugin bugs. I want to create an entirely new site with the same site name and then swap it to a new domain, probably Siteground. Should I download a copy of WP onto my computer first and design the new site before making a domain move? It is a commercial numismatic site. Do I need the Woo plug-in installed also when I begin building the new site?
    You mentioned a 60% discount on one of your tutorials. Is that still available?

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