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How To Get More Clients


I will show you how you will get more clients for your business. Feel free to come back in a few months and let me know what it did for your business. If you have another advice or a story on how your business prospered by applying certain principles please let us know in the comments. I want this video and comments to be filled with value!

1. Become good in your craft.

Make sure you get good in what you offer. A client can become a great advertiser of your service when you serve them well. Watch tutorials. Practise. Practise and Practise. Because practise makes perfect.

A few years ago I did portrait photography for businesses. I watched a course on creative life about studio photography over and over again. When I was sitting in bad. When my whole family was asleep. I was watching it over and over again. I bought some equipment and started shooting. In the beginning I horribly failed. But the more I did it the better I became. I plated with the lighting, I bought some more equipment. A few years later I was able to make € 500.- in a day making portrait pictures of dozens of people in one day by setting up my mobile studio, taking photos, editing them and delivering them to the client. And it gave my more portrait photos for my portfolio.

2. Build Your Portfolio

Have a portfolio of websites, wedding photos, wedding videos or whatever service you offer. I made websites for a living and I started with all the websites I made for myself to practise the craft. They were in my portfolio and people could see what I was capable of by taking a look at my portfolio.

3. Use websites like Fiverr and Upwork

Make use of website likes fiver or upwork so that people can find you better. When you deliver good services and you ask them to leave a review you will get more positive reviews and that will help you to be found better in the searchresults of fiver and upwork.

4. Show sensere interest in the company

that you want as a client and make sure you focus on what they want from you instead of you getting paid by the client. Last year I bought a few services on Fiverr and except for one they were all crap. I paid every person $ 50.- to make a good looking template with Elementor. Do you think I will do business with them again? No. It seems that they were more interested in the $ 50.- than in what I had in mind. Some people send me an existing template from Elementor and changed the color.

I can not wrap my head around that. I think $ 50.- for a template is a nice rate for a good looking template. If they would made something beautiful from from scratch I would give them more projects but except for one they all failed. It seemed that they were more interested in getting paid than in what I wanted from them. So template makers. I hope you watch this video ;).

5. Reach out to people and companies

This was for me the hardest part since I was so afraid for rejections but when I did it I got new clients. On a day in 2016 I emailed 3 people that I knew could use a new website. 2 of the 3 said: Let’s do it! I did it and everybody was happy! I know that a ratio of 2 out of 3 is very high but imagine that one of every 5 people you reach out to want to accept your offer for your service. That means that when you asks 25 people you have 5 new clients. Thats how it works. So if you want to have more clients? And you know you will be of value to the client, you have a portfolio you can show and you are aware that it is not about you getting paid but about helping the client then you need to reach out to a lot of people!

In 2014 I had a housemate that told me the legendary words. He said: I wish I would have your craft of making websites, then I would have a lot of work. He was an engineer, made a beautiful portfolio map and he went to 50 companies with it. He asked for the CEO in the company and told his story. Guess what: He got an amazing job with an amazing salary! Why? Because he decided to take action and reach out to a lot of people!

6. Work harder on yourself than on your business.

This is maybe the best tip. I got it from Jim Rohn. Work harder on yourself than on your business. It means: Keep developing yourself! As a person. Learn how to communicate to people. Learn how to become a leader. How to make others excited about what you can offer. Keep developing your craft. Read books. Watch encouraging and inspiring Youtube videos.

Every vacation I read Think and Grow Rich and everytime I gets me excited, I learn new things and I get new ideas. I also read How To Win Friends and Influence People. The obstacle is the way. There are so many great recourses! In the beginning of the year I watched 4 movies: The Greatest Showman. The Founder. The Notebook and Jobs. 4 movies about people that did everything to achieve their dreams. That inspires me!

7. Overdeliver

When you can, do something extra.

I want to tell you how I combined these 6 steps and how it got me so much business!

I started making some websites. After that I created a beautiful website about my company and put a free advertisement on the Dutch version of Upwork. I got a customer from it an made a website for € 350.-. I overdelivered by making photo’s and some DTP work. This clients was in the city counsel so he said I could make a website for the city counsels. The guys at city counsel almost doubled my pay since they said I asked too little. Through the city counsel I was referred to the town hall. I started making photos for them. The downhill referred me to a company that needed pictures. I started working for them weekly and got a nice payrate. I was friendly, overdelivered, was on time and was open to feedback. Because sometimes they saw I could do things better. And the next time I did better. When I told them in 2017 I was quitting they asked my if I wanted a raise. I said: You know what: For this rate I continue. They said: Ok! So I continued until a year later I said I was defenetyle quitting because of the Youtube channel.

So it started with putting myself on the internet. Overdelivering. Being friendly and meanwhile improving my craft and developing myself. I tried to think of what the client wanted and overdelivered.



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  • 2020-10-05 11:10:18

    I am motivated by your skills, and working towards getting my first affiliate marketing website. Thanks Ferdy.

  • Ferdy thanks for your GREAT Divi videos. Thought you would like to know about your misspelled word. “4. Show sensere interest in the company” It’s spelled “sincere”. Thanks again!

  • 2020-04-17 15:02:09

    Ferdy thanks for your GREAT Divi videos. Thought you would like to know about your misspelled word. “4. Show sensere interest in the company” It’s spelled “sincere”. Thanks again!

  • Excellent, thank you

  • Thanks Ferdy for this piece of information. I will work on this and give you good testimony

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