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Gravity Forms Tutorial

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4 thoughts on “Gravity Forms Tutorial”

  • Hi Ferdy, I think your tutorial videos are great, straight to the point, clear and helpful. I have an issue with Gravity forms webhooks, in that I dont understand how to do it. Ive had a few freelancers look at it … and make it worse! I really need help with webhooks if you can point me in the right direction please. Thanks Jonathan

  • 2020-06-10 12:59:34

    How to get Free Gravity Forms

  • 2020-05-16 05:29:42

    Hi, Mr Ferdy.
    I am impressed by your wide knowledge on these software subjects. I am new to WordPress and all its plugins available. I am a newbie to the world of e-commerce site building.

    Of late, I tried to follow examples on how to create date calculation from date of birth using Gravity Form. The form turned out well except it wasn’t calculating even though I made sure the (Date of Birth ID:1) field was correctly merge-tagged to the Age field {Date of Birth:1:age} (the Date of Birth id was 1).

    When I selected the date picker (eg 12/25/2019) from te created form, , the age field returned 12,25,2019 instead of the age’s answer.

    May you help ? It is only for this question. No more question in the future.

    I have checked all sources, including disabling any themes or plugins etc but to no avail.

    Hope you are kind to comment on the issue

    Thanking you.


    Gary (Singapore)

    My email: cltgary797@gmail.com

    My website has not been uploaded yet

  • 2020-05-06 05:31:31

    Hi Ferdy,

    Love your tutorials. How do I create email subscriber intake form that works with elementor & mailchimp?
    Thanks a million!

    Dan Lee

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