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4,9 based on 300 reviews
Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes

Google Adsense Tutorial

This text is a comprehensive tutorial by Ferdy on how to set up and optimize Google AdSense for a website. Here’s a recap:

Introduction to Google AdSense

Ferdy introduces the concept of monetizing a website using Google AdSense and offers a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Signing Up for AdSense

The process starts with creating a Google AdSense account, which requires a Gmail account. Ferdy uses his website, Ferdy Corp, as an example for setting up AdSense.

Terms and Conditions Compliance

Emphasis is placed on understanding and complying with Google AdSense’s terms and conditions to avoid account termination.

Connecting AdSense to Your Website

Ferdy explains how to link your AdSense account to your website. This includes inserting HTML code into the website’s header, with a reminder about maintaining this code during theme updates.

Ad Placement Strategies

The tutorial covers how to let Google automatically place ads on your site and how to manually select and place ad units for better integration with the site’s design.

Account Activation for Payments

Ferdy shows how to activate the AdSense account for payments, involving adding bank details and verifying your address with a pin received from Google.

Adding More Websites and YouTube Integration

The guide also covers how to add multiple websites to your AdSense account and how to link it with a YouTube channel.

Compliance with Privacy Laws

Ferdy stresses the importance of GDPR and CCPA compliance, demonstrating how to implement consent messages on your site using WordPress plugins.

Creating a Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is crucial for compliance. Ferdy shows how to create one using online generators.

Monitoring and Adjusting Ads

The tutorial includes information on reading AdSense reports and adjusting ad settings, including automated ad placements and mobile ad settings.

  • Final Steps and Earnings Report

Ferdy concludes by discussing additional settings like ads.txt files and transparency settings for seller information. He shares his initial earnings and plans to provide more tips on creating and adjusting ads.

Overall, the guide is a thorough resource for anyone looking to monetize their website with Google AdSense, covering everything from setup to optimization and compliance.



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