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4,9 based on 300 reviews
Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes

Enfold Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

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If I could choose only one theme to use for all my clients it would definitely be the Enfold Theme. The Enfold Theme is a clean, pretty and beautiful theme with a lot of customization options. If you want a simple and clean website or if you want a highly customized website, Enfold is the way to go!

Besides the fact that the appearance looks professional, it is very easy to customize your pages with the Avia Layout Editor that comes with the Enfold Theme. Of all the WordPress Themes that I use I never saw a better and more flexibel editor than the Enfold Layout Editor.

The them is retina ready and responsive. Your website will look great on a computer, tablet and smartphone! Check out the great possibilities with The Enfold Theme, take a look at some demo’s and follow the tutorial below where I will show you step by step how to create a beatiful website with the Enfold Theme!

Check Out the Enfold Theme

Easy to configure

When you install the Enfold theme on a WordPress website you start with a simple and clean website. After configuring the Enfold Theme Options the look and feel of your website are totally in line with your desires. After that you need to fill the website with content.

The Masonry Element

What excites me also is the way you can show images and video’s in the theme. The Enfold Theme has a great Masonry option to showcase you blog posts, portfolio projects and images. It can automatically make a beautiful masonry but you can also adjust it to your own desire.

2 minute demo setups

After you installed WordPress you can have your Enfold Demo site up and running withing 2 minutes! After installing the Enfold Theme you can choose a demo. It takes a few seconds and there it is, you have a complete website on your own domain. You could choose to adjust the demo to your own desire instead of starting from scratch. If you are in a hurry you could setup your complete website using a demo and adjusting it.

The Fullscreen Slider

With the fullscreen slider you can setup a great landing area with a call to action on your homepage. Just upload a few pictures, place same text on the pictures, create a call to action button and you are done! The configuration takes up just a few minutes and the result is astonishing!

Enfold Theme Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to create a website with the Enfold Theme? Then watch this tutorial



6 thoughts on “Enfold Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme”

  • 2021-06-30 08:06:45

    I love Enfold, I just get a little irritated that I can’t seem to change the font, font size, and font color in the text block. I understand keeping the formatting uniform, but what if I’m making a landing page? I wish I could just have the visual ways of changing those things, but it looks like I’ll have to figure out some coding…??

  • Excellent information. I think the enfold theme is really good its premium features.

  • for development stage, I want to use enfold at temperate site, after this I will transfer to formal domain, how can just pay once not twice for enfold theme for example my temperate site is godaddy staging site,
    Hope you can help me.


  • A
    2019-11-01 09:27:32

    Awesome to hear that! It is one of my favourites!

  • I have been using enfold for years. The best theme ever.

  • With just a little time, you can have a great site setup in WordPress with the Enfold theme. It has just about all of the functionality that we need for our 360 product photography site.

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