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4,9 based on 300 reviews
Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes

Complete WordPress Course For Beginners

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5 thoughts on “Complete WordPress Course For Beginners”

  • 2020-11-18 01:33:10

    Where is the tutorial Ferdy? There’s nothing shown above other than some links – was there meant to be a video?

  • 2020-11-12 19:39:55

    Hello Ferdy, I am following your steps in making a website. I am a complete beginner. Is a travel website so I have been looking for traveler wp theme and others such as grandtour or adrenaline. Are these themes from any of the tutorials? You explain how to do the tutorials with astra but the travel websites are very limited. I was going to look into others…but wanna follow your tutorials…any suggestions?Enfold or divi?

  • hello sir
    my name is Chika Samuel I am from Nigeria I fined your tutorial healthily, and I am new to making money online and looking for a way to build my own website till I found your video which helps me started making WordPress site by myself. have already signed up with Amazon affiliate program and DCL network affiliate program but didn’t know how to promote them on my website please help. here is my website URL http://www.samchika.com

  • Hi Ferdy!
    I’m still using your tutorial however when I arrived to section 3, chapter 27 ‘create the portfolio page’, I went to your website, ‘ferdykorpershoek’ and didn’t see the ‘how to make a WordPress site for free’ link any longer and I couldn’t download the sydney portfolio.zip file. Do you still have the ability to leave that on your site so I may use it for your tutorial?
    Thank you,

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Learn step by step how to create a WordPress website for your business, organisation or hobby. Thanks to Ferdy’s video tutorials and simple way of explaining things, you don’t have to hire an expensive web designer and wait months before your website is finished.

With Ferdy’s WordPress tutorials, you are in charge of the progress and you save yourself a ton of money. Don’t have a domain and web hosting yet? No problem. Ferdy shows in you in each tutorial how to get web hosting and a free domain.