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Complete Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

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Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video, I will show you how you can start to make money with Affiliate Marketing in 2021. I want to convince you in this video that you can do this and I will show you how you can start today. So, if you stay until the end of this video, or you go to the end – we are here on Youtube, you can scroll, navigate through the whole video – I will show you how in the end of the video how you can get my free eBook where I will show my top25 products to promote in 2020 through Affiliate Marketing.

So if you come to the point in this video that you think: I like what this guy is telling me. Please hit the like button and feel free to subscribe for more upcoming WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing related tutorials and when you hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button you get a notification when I upload a new video. I try to upload 2 videos per week. Having said that, let me show you what we will cover in this tutorial.

By the end of this tutorial you will know

By the end of this webinar you will:

Know what Affiliate Marketing is and how you can implement it.

You will know how to find a product or service that you can promote.

You will know how you can promote it so you can start to make money with it, even while you are sleeping.

And I will show you how to expand your passive income by creating multiple income streams.

So, I will explain to you know what Affiliate Marketing is.  How I started with affiliate marketing and how you cans start with affiliate marketing. Are you ready? I hope so. Let’s get started. What is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission. Let me say it again: Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission. You are affiliated (an other word is connected, or attached) with someone else product and when people buy it through your unique affiliate link, you get a part of the amount the buyer paid . What?? Let me illustrate it to you.

imagine there is a course maker that makes a beautiful beautiful WordPress course, where people can learn from scratch how to make a beautiful website with WordPress. The course costs $100. And when people buy the course they pay $100. At the same time they get the login details to that course. So there is an exchange. The visitor gets access to the course for $100. So the course maker is happy because he just earned $100. And the visitor – or the buyer – is happy because he got access to an amazing WordPress course.

But since the WordPress course is digital everything is profit. You don’t have to pack something or send it to an address. No, it’s all digital. So you can duplicate it unlimited times. So if he earns $100 per client he gets profit, but when he gets $60 per client, his profit is $60 profit. So what will he do. He will get affiliates to promote his course for him in exchange for a commission. So let me show you: So when somebody buys his WordPress course through an affiliate link, the visitor still pays $100, but instead of $100 going directly to the course owner, $40 goes to the affiliate, $60 goes to the course owner and the course goes to the visitor. So the course owner makes less profit – $60 instead of  100 – and the great thing is: Now he has a whole sales team that will promote the course for him.

So more sales will come in, he will share the commission and the visitors still gets his course. So what would you rather have: Selling your own made course by yourself and getting one sale of $100 per day, or having a whole team promote your course and getting 5 sales per day and getting $ 60.- per sale. If you promote your course by yourself and you get one sale of $100, but if you get 5 sales through affiliates per day, you earn $60 per sales, which is $300 per day.

So now the course maker gets $60. The affiliate gets $40 and the buyer gets his course. So it’s a win, win, win situation. Everybody is happy.

And the great thing is that when you promote someone else product you are not a Helpdesk, you have no obligations, in a lot of cases you don’t even know who the buyer is. So after you make your sale you get a commission and your job is done. So this is an amazing way to earn money through the internet. Everyday people on the internet to learn things and to buy things. So your job is to become the mediator, the affiliate between the buyer and the product, so you can get your commission.

So, how does it work? You can go to any product or service online and find out if they have an affiliate program. When they have one, you can apply to become an affiliate. When your affiliate account is activated, you get a unique link. Why? Because in that way the company knows where the visitors come from. So if someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, and then buy the product or service you promote, the company of that product knows that the sale comes from you and that the commission should go to you. So it is all on autopilot.

So, let’s make it practical. How do you start with Affiliate Marketing? You offer value around the product or service that you promote. What do I mean? I will illustrate it through an example. If I search on the internet for the best WordPress themes 2020. And I skip all the ads and I go over here. What do I see? The most popular theme is the Divi Theme. So I can click overhear. And what I can do know. I can take a look at this. I can try this out. The best theme. Play around with it. Learn how to work with it. And then I can scroll down. All the way.

And let me see. If there is something about affiliates. So I click on affiliates. I can become and affiliate. And what it says: You get 50% off the sale. So I can click on pricing. And look at this. Lifetime access for $249 or yearly access for $89. That means that when somebody would buy this through my affiliate link I would get $44.50. And the great thing with the Divi Theme that every year it is recurring. So when they buy it for a second you again will get $44.50. And if people pay it for one time you get $ 124.50.

So what you need to do know. You need to create value around this product. How can you do that? Well in my case


What else can you do? Create a blogpost about the Divi Theme and give it the title “7 reasons why the Divi Theme is the best theme” You offer value in the form of a blogpost that will help people to decide if the Divi Theme is right for them and you paste your affiliate link in the blogpost.


I am a really big fan of Elementor. A page builder just like the Divi Theme. They are competitors. So I could make a video comparing the 2 on a lot of aspects so new people can make a decision based on my comparison video or blogpost. So, you see a product you want to promote. Make sure you get an affiliate link and now create value around that product.
A how to video
A review video
A comparison video
A how to blogpost
A review blogpost
A comparison blogpost
A 7 reasons why you should get this video and blogpost

And when you offer quality content people will watch and read longer and you will rank better in Google and you will start to earn money. Thats how it works. I started doing this with the Divi Theme and look at the latest month. This is what I made. And when I think of it: I help someone to buy a product that I like. I help the company to get a sale so they can hire more people to become Helpdesk support and to make their product even better, and I also get a commission for it. And with the Divi Theme the commissions are recurring. So when somebody buys the theme through my link I get 50% of the sale. So between $ 40.- and $ 125.-. And when it is the 40.- I get it the rest of my life as long as the buyer keeps on using Divi. I do the same with Elementor. So now I find more WordPress or marketing related tools that benefit people from it and learn those too and create valuable tutorials around it.

I can not do this

I can hear you think: What? Me making a video? No way! I am shy or have a hard time recording myself. The question should be: Do you want to have a passive income or not? I had a ton of reasons not to do this: I was so bad in public speaking. I got low grades every time I had to speak in front of the class. My main language is not English. Other people are better in explaining things than I do. I had to start with zero subscribers while others had 80.000 subscribers already.

I have been there thinking I can not do it and making up reasons why I can not do this. But then I found myself working at at rate that was even lower than the minimum wage, in the same year I was getting married, seeing my friends having beautiful jobs, beautiful houses and having great diplomas. And I barely had the money to get married. I was so frustrated that I decided to do it anyways! Even when my videos would be bad and nobody would watch it. I would go on until I succeeded!

No Way Back

So in May 2015 I created my first video. I was a 4 hour recording on how to make a website using the Enfold theme. An amazing theme that enables people to make a beautiful website without having any prior knowledge. When I exported the recording I found out a day later that the audio failed because of the 4 hour length of the video. Se the next night, from 12 o’clock until 4 am I recorded the whole video again. The audio failed again. But this time I had backup audio. I edited the video and uploaded it on Youtube the 3th of June 2015.

One day later I got my first sale and 3 days later I made $ 1000.- dollars! No.. That is not true. After a few weeks I got like 20 views per day and my first sale! $20.-. A month later I got my second sale. So I changed my thumbnail and played around with a few settings and then my video went to 200 views per day! And yes! I got 2 sales in one day! $ 40.-! Wow! It was working! An ordinairy guy from The Netherlands, with no talent for public speaking, just did it anyways and started to make money through Affiliate Marketing.


Let me show you the numbers. I became an affiliate of Envato Market and promoted the Enfold theme by creating a complete WordPress and Enfold tutorial around it.

The first month: $ 20.-
The second month: $ 20.-
The third month: $ 220.-
The forth month: $ 320.-

So, I started to create more valuable videos and now 5 years later I make enough money to pay the bills, let my wife be a full-time mother with no other job and have enough money to save and to be a blessing to other people. And guys. All this without spamming people with affiliate links. All without having to lie, make things look better than they seem. All with being honest and helping other people.

And since I see what it does in my life, I want to show others how it is done. We were able to buy a house that is being build at this moment which is 2 minutes away from my best friend, my brother and my sister. And in an amazing neighbourhood.

Tesla and Aruba

I am a Tesla fan and was able to buy the Tesla Model 3 performance and wrapped it in Black Matte. I was able to go on vacation to Aruba and book the best room in the hotel, with a balcony and a Jacuzzi. At to be honest. We did it for once, to make a statement to ourselves that we can travel the world with a baby. Our son Noah was 5 months at that moment. The next time we go camping in Italy probably. I was able to support loved ones that were in financial need and I can decide when I work. And all this by helping others through offering value around affiliate products.

Playing the Piano

And that when I was really bad in being in front of the camera and recording myself. But I just did it over and over again. It’s like learning to play the piano. First you learn how to play with one hand. Then with the other hand. Then you play both hands at the same time. When you now how to do that you can learn how to sing at the same time. Step by step you improve. And you can do the same with making videos and writing blogpost. Repetition is the mother of all skill.

Lets go back to you

So. What is next? You have heard from me how Affiliate Marketing works and you can apply this in your life. So now you can find out for yourself what you want to promote. How can you find that out? These 3 questions can help you:

Is there a talent you have or something you are interested in?

Maybe you are good at playing guitar. Well.. What you can do is record yourself, play a few songs and put them on Youtube and search for an amazing guitar course. Buy that course, figure out if it is really good and refer people in your videos to that course. You can also instruct people how to learn how to play guitar and then refer them to the course.

Is there something new you want to learn?

Maybe you are interested in a topic. For instance online marketing. You can learn a ton of stuff about that, practise it and teach others how to do ‘online marketing’. Then promote an online marketing course.

Are you in It for the money?

If you are in it for the money – which is in my opinion okay as long as you prove a ton of value around the product – you can find a product or service that offers a big commission. Like Clickfunnels. It costs $ 97.- per month but I found out for myself that it still a beneficial tool for people that use it. I use it myself and I will create a few tutorials about it. And since they offer big commissions you can make quite some money with it.

Job salary vs Affiliate Marketing

So with all the knowledge you heard from me in this webinar you are able to start! Let me tell you: This is not a get rich quick webinar. No. You have heard my story. You have to work hard and be patient. With a normal job you get a salary every month. With Affiliate Marketing you put a lot of work in it but in the beginning you will not get paid yet. But when you do get paid and your sales increase, then it can exceed your salary by far! It often is an exponential growth. When I release a new tutorial I do not have to wait 2 months in order to get more than one sale per day. No, the sales will be there the first week. But it took me a few years to get there. But is no reason not to start! I can tell you, what you put in it you will get out if it!

8 reasons to start with Affiliate Marketing

Over the years I have been trying a lot of things online and I found out that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online. Let me give you 8 reasons.
01. You don’t have to sell to people. Like, buy this through me. It is all about providing value to others.
02. You help people and that will help you to earn money. By helping others.
03. You don’t have to create something first. You promote something that is already made.
04. You are not a helpdesk
05. The commissions are higher
06. You can start for free.
07. You can start today
08. Continue

So, I hope you are really excited at this moment to start with Affiliate Marketing! In the ebook that you will get when you stay until the end you get a list with 25 amazing affiliate products to promote. You can choose one and start to learn how product or services works and add value around it in the form of blogposts or videos.


So how would you like it if you would help you implement everything I have shared so far? So you can Quickstart your Affiliate Marketing Journey and let me take you by the hand in every step of the way. Would you like that?

Ok, here it is:

I have been working really hard to put together a course about Affiliate Marketing where I show you every step of the way when it comes to making money with Affiliate Marketing.
All the things I learned through the years, through trying things, through failing, through searching the whole internet to find solutions. I have combined everything I have learned about Affiliate Marketing in one course and that course has one goal.
To enable you to make a ton of money through Affiliate Marketing. It is called the Affiliate Marketing Course.

So what does this course contain?

01. It contains all the recourses to get you up and running to make your first money through Affiliate Marketing.

02. It contains over 10 years of experience with Affiliate Marketing. I made my first sales in 2007. From that moment on I made a lost of mistakes, wasted a ton of money and learnt better ways to do Affiliate Marketing. In this course I can help you to avoid those mistakes and take the right track at once.

03. My personal help when you have a question or get stuck. You can email me, ask questions is the private family group and I will go live also so you can ask questions.

What you will get:

Indepth Affiliate Marketing Training:
Mindset behind becoming successful. How to learn a new craft. How to find the best Affiliate Marketing products or services for you to promote. How to create a brand. How to record. How to make masterpiece videos. How to optimise your videos and blogposts. How to create a website. How to build an email list. $ 1997.-

Bonus Area 1:
Secrets to rank better in YT and how to make money with YT views. $ 497.-

Bonus Area 2:
Case Studies: Step by step videos on how I created a video and made thousands of dollars with it. Complete transparency. $ 997.-

Bonus Area 3:
My exact income with all the sources of income and my progress through the months. $ 997.-

The Community
A Facebook group with likeminded course takers and my personal help through email, the Facebook group and live Q&A sessions. $ 297.-

A total value of $4685.-
And to be honest, I think it is much more than that, because it has made me over $ 500.000.- through the last 5 years.

So image, if this course would help you to build an online business that generates a thousand dollars per month? What would the course be worth to you? It would maybe help you to pay all the bills, do extra fun stuff with people you love. Go on vacation. Help someone in need. How great would that be! Well, it is my goal to help you to achieve that and more through this course! I will be completely transparent. You can ask my anything through email or in the live Q&A sessions. Again. My goal is to help you to achieve success with this! And if I get the same questions I will make videos about it. This course will continue to expand because I want to help you to achieve success with it!

So, the price of the course is $ 997.-. Yes, it is a serious investment. I am aware of that. And I know it is worth every penny. I want to give attention to the people that buy the course and I want to work with people that are serious. I also know that when you pay you pay attention. Last year I bought a course for $ 1997.- where I learned step by step how to create a course. Since I paid such an amount I knew I had to do something with it. So, when you invest $ 997.- you invest it in yourself! And then you will have access immediately. You can get access by going to https://ferdykorp.com/go. After your payment you can create your account and start watching the instruction videos at once.

And to make sure there is no risk, there is a 14 day money back guaranteed. If you somehow do not like the course, or like me, or you don’t think this Course can benefit you. You can ask for a refund and we will give you one, no questions asked. But any feedback on why you want a refund would be appreciated. So we can make things even better.

So whatever choice you make. Know that Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to start making money In 2020!

I want to thank you for your time. I hope you learned a ton of stuff and I hope to see you in the member area so you can quickstart your Affiliate Marketing Empire!



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