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Code Snippets Tutorial

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Remove Ordering Area in WooCommerce

remove_action( 'woocommerce_before_shop_loop', 'woocommerce_catalog_ordering', 30 );


8 thoughts on “Code Snippets Tutorial”

  • Beste Ferdy,

    Ik zou de optie ‘terug naar winkelwagen’ op de afreken pagina willen verwijderen.
    Hoe kan ik dat het beste doen?

    Ik heb een code maar ik deze werkt niet wanneer ik deze ingeef in mijn Child Theme.
    Bij snippets werkt het ook niet aangezien ik geen CSS snippets kan maken. Enkel php & HTML.

    .woocommerce-cart .return-to-shop { display: none !important; };

    Heb jij een oplossing voor mijn probleem.

  • 2022-11-05 02:01:09

    am trying to create a new snippet on WordPress I downloaded the plugin and I even got pro for code snippets. now I am trying to create text over the image on hover. how do I do this? I have seen another person on youtube doing this but he does not explain how to add a new snippet

  • 2021-12-23 00:43:25

    Hi Fredy,

    I am having little issue with my website.

    When I send reset my password under “My account”, I got this message “A password reset email has been sent to the email address on file for your account, but may take several minutes to show up in your inbox. Please wait at least 10 minutes before attempting another reset”.

    But I don’t receive any email ever. What can I do to fix this problem?


  • I’m having trouble getting great looking font. Can you do a video on website font and importing it into Divi. Thanks

  • Hello Ferdy,

    I have been watching your uTube videos and I think you have a great understanding of WordPress and the themes you work with. I have been watching the videos on the enfold theme.

    So Seeing as I never came across any way to get in touch with you, I found this area. Not sure if you will get back to me or not, but its worth a try.

    I am really having problems with the sliders that come with the Enfold theme and I have been trying to figure out how to make the images show properly on the Full Screen Slider, and any of the others as well. I am not sure if its the way I am defining the sliders or if its the way the images are sized/defined that cause the problem, but its driving me crazy.

    So I am wondering if you could help me out in whatever I am doing wrong. I can send you the URL site I have been working on so you can see what is going on and maybe you could help me out. If you do, please understand the website in quite a bazaar form right now because I can’t figure out the problems. These main menu enteries just indicate the menu items I created to try and test different things. Home has some of the images that came with the template, Test Images has just stuff that I have been trying, Image Test just more images that I have been trying. Test Page 28 the same but just trying more things. If you can help me I will send you the UserId and Password to see what I have been trying.

    I am just an artist and I do Artist Shows under normal times, but the current situation has me out of work as all shows have been cancelled so my source of income has been zero for quite some time now. So this is why I decided to try and do a website. I could pay you a bit to help me if that would help.

    So I hope to hear from you and hope you can assist me.

    Thanks very much,


  • 2020-04-23 16:12:58

    hello how are you doing can you make a video on how you can make a blog site with the innovation theme on theme forest

  • 2020-04-06 06:27:44

    Hey Ferdy,

    I hope all is well with you and your family. I writing because I’m putting together my website, and I can’t seem to find the “Blurb Animation CSS” code that you had on your website a few weeks ago. Is it still here? If so, I haven’t figured out how to get.

    Please let me know how I can access it. Thank you!!!

    Kim Glover

  • 2020-03-14 14:25:07

    hello, actually i have recently started making the website. i have seen your wordpress tutorial which are very helpful. Actually I have to ask that how to use the blurb slider in wordpress.

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