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4,9 based on 300 reviews
Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes

Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners


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Learn step by step from scratch how to start and become successful with affiliate marketing. Learn it from someone who makes 6 figures in profit per year and is walking the talk every single day. Everything that made me successful with affiliate marketing will be covered in this affiliate marketing course.

In this affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial, I will show you step by step how you can start your own affiliate marketing business and become successful with it. First, I will show you what affiliate marketing is. How it works and what is important to know before you start with affiliate marketing.

We will talk about successful affiliate websites and talk about what makes them successful. Then I will show you how you can come up with ideas for your affiliate marketing business.

When you know what to promote, we will get a free domain name and web hosting and build a WordPress website for our affiliate website that is optimized for all devices.

We will install a few important free tools that will analyze the behavior of the visitors on our website, tell us where our visitors come from and through which keywords our website is found, and how to optimize our website so we will be found better on Google.

Then we start to do market research so we can find out if the things we want to create content about are things people are searching for. We will find the right keywords that we can use on our blog posts and social media videos and then start writing our first blog post.

We will add images, categories, and tags and create featured images for our blog posts and Youtube and Instagram videos.

Then, I will show you how to optimize your blog posts and websites so you will get more visitors through your search results on Google.

We will also let AI create blog posts for you. A great way to save time and help people with the content that AI creates.

Because I want to skip no step in the whole process, I show you how you can create YouTube videos and shorts or reels for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. so we can help people who prefer to watch videos and, in that way, refer more people to our affiliate links and in that way make more sales.

So we will talk about cameras and audio, recording your computer screen, editing your videos, and using special effects to make your video stand out. Lower Thirds, Sound Effects, Music.

Everything you see in this tutorial is exactly what I do in my affiliate marketing business, and that is making me 6 figures per year! So, why do I share this for free on YouTube? Because I am after likes and subscribers. When I overdeliver in tutorials like these, I know that will help my YouTube Channel to grow.



00:00 Intro<br />
07:06 What Is Affiliate Marketing?<br />
09:09 Why Choose Affiliate Marketing<br />
11:31 $172.000 Case Study<br />
16:48 How To Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer<br />
19:22 Find Your Product Or Niche<br />
<br />
Setting Up Your Website<br />
41:34 Get Your Free Domain & Webhosting<br />
54:54 Create A Converting Site Title<br />
01:05:50 Create A Logo<br />
01:21:02 Get The Best Free WordPress Theme<br />
<br />
Prepare For Making Content<br />
01:35:10 Sign Up For Google Analytics<br />
01:40:49 Sign Up For Goole Search Console<br />
01:42:11 Optimize Your Website Using Rank Math<br />
01:46:44 Do Market Research<br />
01:53:30 Another Free Keyword Tool<br />
02:00:19 Keyword Research With Google<br />
<br />
Creating A Blog Post<br />
02:17:08 Create A Blog Title<br />
02:31:42 Get Grammarly<br />
02:35:47 Start Writing Content<br />
02:39:13 Create Images Using Photoshop<br />
03:03:11 Create Images Using Get Cloud App<br />
03:09:47 Rename Your Images<br />
03:19:07 Schedule Blogposts<br />
03:27:35 Create A Featured Image<br />
03:33:13 RankMath AI<br />
<br />
03:38:44 Sign Up As An Affiliate<br />
03:46:35 Use Redirections For Affiliate Links<br />
03:52:35: Optimize Your Website Using Rank Math<br />
04:01:17 Repeat the Blog Post Creating Process<br />
04:07:24 Get Ideas And Create Content Using ChatGPT AI<br />
04:19:38 Share Your Content Online<br />
04:23:12 Improve The Look And Feel Of Your Blogposts<br />
04:48:54 My First Sale!<br />
<br />
Making Videos and Tutorials<br />
05:01:36 How To Create Your First Video<br />
05:17:55: Start Recording Your Video<br />
05:25:34: Edit Your Videos In Adobe Premiere<br />
06:02:13 Use Adobe After Effects<br />
06:11:55 Lower Thirds, Special Effects, Sound Effects, and Music<br />
<br />
Create A Short / Reel<br />
06:28:47 Create A Short / Reel for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok<br />
07:10:46 Export Your Video(s)<br />
07:12:45 Create. A Youtube Channel<br />
Upload Your Video To Youtube<br />
<br />
07:23:09 Upload Your Reel/Short To TikTok and Instagram.<br />
07:28:50 Place Your Videos On Your Website<br />
07:32:36 The Results<br />

11 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners”

  • I haven’t watched the video fully but I do remember him talking a lot about internal links and stuff. I personally don’t think he has to cover all these SEO stuff (such as back links) in his affiliate marketing video as he already made other videos about SEO specifically. Also yes he did talk about Keyword research and touched plenty on the topic. I think he gave us a great deal of information and tips that we can start earning $1000 per month already just by following this video.

  • Hey Ferdy,
    I have a few questions. First of all, why didn’t you say anything about backlinks? They are literally the most important pillar to build a successful website. Not only affiliate but of any kind. You should’ve also told us about keyword research in terms of planning your content in the form of a content map. It’s very important too. Overall I think your tutorial was kind of decent but just to build a website, not to grow a blog.
    Thanks, Simon

  • 2024-02-12 13:43:00

    Mr. Ferdy Korpershoek,
    I have been looking for this kind of content for a long time and “Et voila!”… I found your complete free video Course. I spend lots and lots of money to learn this but no one explains like you do. I was afraid to make a website and thought the blogging was dead in 2024. and you have proven that I was completely wrong. I bought Web Host from your link and started today. At least I can say “thank you” that way.

  • 2024-01-25 22:11:40

    Hey Ferdy, I hope you are doing well and will be able to see my message.
    I’m thinking about starting affiliate marketing next to my 9-5 job and I was wondering, how you go about getting paid since you are sometimes promoting U.S. items and I know you are from Europe.
    Did you have to fill in the W-8BEN form and do affiliate programs offer payments through PayPal?

  • 2024-01-21 14:31:37

    Hey ! Just wanted to thank you for all the content you are sharing for free ! this is truly amazing ! Do you propose any mentorship?

  • Hi Ferdy,

    Love your videos, was curious to see you don’t have Adsense running on your site?

  • 2023-12-18 10:36:49

    Hey Fredy ,
    I have have been watching your Tutorials from quite some time , I must say you are an amazing teacher, to me you are A wordpress Phd.

  • A

    Hey Jerome, Elementor is in transition from the section builder to the container builder. It is not possible to insert sections into the container builder. This week I will update all templates and make them section-ready!

  • A
    2023-11-19 21:13:11

    No, everything is free 🙂

  • 2023-11-19 17:50:09

    Hi, Do you have any detailed paid course from where I can learn Affiliate Marketing in detail ?

  • Hey Ferdy, when I download your templates for Elementor Pro then try to insert it into theme builder it says invalid data. What can I do about it ?

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