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Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes
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4,9 based on 300 reviews
Trusted by 1500+ businesses and student of all shapes and sizes

The Blocksy theme is my personal favorite WordPress Theme. Things like a transparent header, a sticky header, a mobile-optimized header, and a fully adjustable blog archive page make this theme so amazing!


Custom Header
Custom Footer
Sticky Header
Transparant Header
Fully Customisable Blog Archive Page



In this tutorial, I will cover everything I know about the Blocksy theme. The Blocks theme is my favorite WordPress theme. It is free, and in this tutorial, I will show you everything I know about this amazing theme. Get The Blocksy

First of all, take a look at the header. It’s really easy to change the header. Just drag the element that you want to use to the area where you want to place it. Using the Blocksy theme also makes it very easy to adjust the style of the menu and the submenu.

We can make our header sticky so when we scroll down it sticks with us. We can also make our header transparent and change the logo and colors when we scroll. Then, we will create a footer using the same drag-and-drop system that we used in the header.

Our footer will also be optimized for all devices. We will even use custom CSS to sell our footer a bit further, and normally that’s only possible within the pro version of a theme, but it is included in the free version of the Blocksy theme. We’ll take a look at the style of our blog page, configure the title and change how the blog posts are displayed. We’ll also adjust the individual blog post page and decide what information should be displayed at the top of the blog post and at the bottom of the blog post.

On any page in our website, we can make use of a sidebar with sidebar widgets. Those widgets can be displayed like this, or you can make this sticky. You can make all widgets sticky or only the latest one or the latest two. And we can also adjust the look and feel of the sidebar. We’ll talk about global colors, which makes it really easy for you to change all the colors in your website with a few clicks.

And we’ll talk about using the right fonts for your website. You will also learn how to configure your WooCommerce pages to enable you to sell products on your website. You can adjust the style of the product archive page and the individual product pages, and we can add WooCommerce-related items in the header of our website.

When you’re happy with all your configurations of the Blocksy theme, you can export those settings and import them on another website so you can save yourself a lot of time. I will also show you how to import a pre-made website from Blocksy so you can save yourself a lot of time and have a website that’s lightweight and optimized for all devices.

At the end of the tutorial, I will show you what is possible using the Pro version of the Blocksy theme and refer you to the Blocksy Pro tutorial. In this tutorial, we’ll only cover all the free features of this amazing theme.

Learn How To Use The Blocksy Theme
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The best free theme out there. It can do anything I want a website to be able to do.

Ferdy Korpershoek
The Netherlands




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  • What Will Happen When I Switch To The Blocksy Theme?

    A WordPress website contains a theme, plugins and a page builder. When you switch to the Blocksy theme all the settings from your last theme will be gone. Things like colors, fonts, the header, the footer, blog archive page. But the contain should remain, since that is made using a page builder. When you configure those settings using the Blocksy theme you should be fine.

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